Voorhaven 7

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A quaint Dutch home serves as creative canvas and idea lab for talented artist and interior designer Monique Meij-Beekman.

Imagine rising in the morning, preparing for work and knowing that your commute consists of simply walking downstairs and turning on the lights. Such is the reality for Monique Meij-Beekman.


Sharing an old Dutch house with her husband and two children about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, the building serves a dual purpose; Downstairs her antiques and decor store called Voorhaven 7 resides and upstairs, the family living quarters. What both floors definitely share in common is Monique’s unbelievable taste and unique take on an almost ‘zen-like’ approach to interior design.


We love the restricted color scheme which adds to the overall sense of calm and tranquility. The accomplished artist fills her home and shop with carefully curated pieces of furniture and decor objects mixed in with her own beautifully moody paintings.

Voorhaven 7 | 2871 CH Schoonhaven The Netherlands | info@voorhaven7.nl

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