Vintage Gym Gear as Decor

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vintage gym mat as industrial decor coffee table

On the current short list of interior design trends we love, incorporating vintage gym equipment is near the top.

It’s no secret to followers of A Life Designed that around here, we love leather… the more worn, the better. Now add to that a healthy appreciation for all things vintage, unexpected and quirky, and it is easy to why we are singing the praises of the vintage gym gear as decor trend.

retro interior design featuring vintage leather pommel horses

While it’s a no-brainer to visualize these pieces fitting perfectly into the industrial loft style, adding a select item here and there to other interior styles could add just the ‘pop’ of fun your room is crying out for.

vintage leather pommel horse in hallway

From vintage pommel horses as benches to medicine balls and boxing gloves as accent pieces, the possibilities are endless. Here are a handful of vintage gym gear as decor images to get your creative juices flowing… Have fun!

A Life Designed

retro leather gym mat used as a headboard

tanner bar industrial decor

vintage gymnasium equipment as interior decor pieces

timothy oulten gymnasium decor

industrial style bathroom with vintage decor accents boxing gloves



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