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Urban Sundry Candles available @ A Life Designed

ALD proud to be the exclusive Portland retailer for Manhattan-based Urban Sundry candles.

Here at A Life Designed, one of the first pieces of advice we like to give to people moving in to a new living space is to buy a candle! Choosing and burning a favorite scent is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to transform a cookie cutter living space into home.

After much searching and sniffing, A Life Designed is excited to announce we will be carrying both in our store and online, the unique candle line with its roots in Brooklyn and now Manhattan, NY ... the aptly named – Urban Sundry.

"Products inspired by a time when craftsmen were masters of their trade- adapted to meet the demands of modern city life. Expertly hand-crafted with passion and pride, distinctly made for the discerning patron in pursuit of quality goods. – Urban Sundry"

With fragrance names like 2 am, Sunday, The Suit, Ember and Bowery, we knew these upscale, slightly masculine scents would be right at home among our mix of vintage leather and metal accented furniture. Call it a 'meeting of the vibes' if you will. Our first shipment has landed, just in time for Holiday shopping!

About The Maker:

Urban Sundry Candles based in Manhattan

Based in Manhattan, NY, JG & CO. uses only 100% natural waxes, lead-free cotton wicks and phthalate-free oil blends in their candles. All products are eco-consciously packaged, using completely recycled or recyclable materials including recycled glass, metal and paper, natural clays and lead-free glazes, vegetable-based inks, and biodegradable woodgrain accents. JG & CO. only buys in the USA, and as local as possible.

At the helm of JG & CO. is Founder Jared Gettinger. Jared is involved with various charitable organizations, including those focused on health and wellness, the arts, children, and environmental advocacy groups focusing on sustainability, eco-consciousness and green living initiatives. He believes we can all do something to help make the world a better place, and things get done by doing.

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