Truth Coffee Shop

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Truth Coffee Shop Capetown

Cape Town’s Truth Coffee mixes artisan roasted beans with a unique, jaw-dropping decor to create a truly memorable ‘House Blend’.

The self-professed “Coffee Geeks” at Truth Coffee, based in Cape Town, South Africa are serious about their beans and one quick look at their amazing store and roasting plant confirms they are just as passionate about creating a totally unique brand experience from floor to ceiling!

Truth Coffee Shop Capetown

This radically designed coffee shop was inspired by the futuristic style found in the aesthetic of Victorian fantasy and steampunk. Besides the amazingly ornate coffee-making equipment, visitors will find vintage typewriters, sewing machines, candlestick telephones and large, saw-blade tabletops. Jules Verne would be right at home drinking a double espresso in this one-of-a-kind coffee shop.

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Truth Coffee Shop Capetown

Truth Coffee Shop Capetown cool bike




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