Seats of Power

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Whether you’re running a country, or making out the monthly bills, the right desk can make you feel downright Presidential.

One of my favorite memories growing up of my father was going to visit him at his office. For a small boy, the thrill of getting to sit in Dad’s chair at a desk that while in retrospect, I’m sure was small, seemed immense and all-powerful to me was a treat to be savored. What mysteries awaited my discovery in the many drawers? How impressed I was that he had a name plate on top of the shiny surface, papers perfectly aligned, stacks of important ‘stuff’ to do!

The perfect desk can act as the anchor and home base of your living space. Whether you use it to work from home, write the next great American novel or simply sit with your feet propped up and gaze out the window, choosing the right desk to fit your style and temperament can make all the difference.

Now while we can’t guarantee any of the desks shown below come attached to the oval office, we do hope you will find them inspiring and a good jumping off point as you search for your ideal ‘seat of power.’

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