Prevent Child Abuse America: Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

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Because childhood isn't something that should be endured.

On this holiday of giving thanks for all we have been blessed with; family, friends, good health and opportunities, my thoughts turn to those who have no voice, no defense, no control or choice over their day to day reality... Children of abuse and neglect.

Childhood should be a time of joy and wonder, happiness, security and discovery. Instead, for far too many children, babies to teens, growing up is something we endure, waiting for it to hurry up and "get over with" rather than enjoying. The results can have a lifelong, devastating impact on the families involved. This has to stop.

To that end, I am happy to announce that moving forward, 10% of the proceeds from all sales through A Life Designed, both online and in-store, will be donated directly to the wonderful 501(c)3 organization Prevent Child Abuse America.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy holiday to read this and please consider donating directly through the link(s) below. Any help, whether through donationsmentoring or advocacy for society's most vulnerable, our children, would be greatly appreciated.


Randy Sloan
A Life Designed



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