Dark Interiors; Sexy and Sophisticated?… Or Just Plain Depressing?

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Dark, moody sophisticated interior design ideas

Going to the ‘dark side’ with interior room color is scary to many. Here is one example that proves there is no reason to fear the dark!

Anyone who has spent any time at all here on the A Life Designed site and blog, know how much we love moody and sexy, dark-hued living spaces. There is just something ultra sensual, comforting and chic about a dark, monochromatic backdrop that makes all of your furnishings and decor pop. Case in point; The beautiful, dark-hued London home of neuroscientist, neurologist and artist Parashkev Nachev.

Dark, moody sophisticated interior design ideas

Nachev’s living space features a completely dark, monochromatic color scheme using a ‘greenish black‘ color palette as a base that is at once bold and soothing. In and of itself of course, this could be quite dark and gloomy. But this is just the beginning! After all, who just paints a room and then stands in the middle of the vacant space?

Dark, moody sophisticated interior design ideas

The owner of this urban bat cave has devised a sleek and sophisticated look in his studio with lacquered furniture, vintage pieces, and vivid copper accents. The effect is that of a low-lit gallery with each piece of furniture and decor item taking on a dramatic and commanding presence.

Dark, moody sophisticated interior design ideas

We would love to hear your opinion of this space. Dank prison cell?… or sexy speakeasy? Feel free to post your comments below!

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